Late Fall 2016 Sunday Class Schedule

» Adult Classes

Barnabas | Koinonia Room

Sanctuary Building, Downstairs | Brad Binder

Come join us as we continue our study in the book of Daniel. In the first quarter of CY2017, we will be focusing on chapters 7-12. Study guides are available for newcomers.

Christian Foundations | Charis Room

Sanctuary Building,DOWNSTAIRS | Devin Cate

We are studying major worldviews, including Biblical Christianity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxism, New Age, and Postmodernism.  Using the writings and statements of various authors representing each worldview, as well as David Noebel’s Understanding the Times, we compare how each worldview plays out in theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, law, economics, and other disciplines. All are welcome.

Lighthouse | Education Building

upstairs, kitchen side | John E. Connell

The Lighthouse Sunday School Class is doing a twelve week study of the Proverbs from 3/12 – 5/28 based on the book “How to Read the Proverbs” by Tremper Longman.  It is taught by Chris Hinchcliffe and John C. Connell.  We meet upstairs in the Fellowship Hall near the kitchen at 9:30 each Sunday.  Breakfast and coffee are provided.

Overcomers | Conference Room

Sanctuary Building,DOWNSTAIRS | Dan Sullivan, Ed Grose & Kwathi Ajawin

Please join us in our study of the book of Isaiah. We will be using the Navigators’ study in the Life Change Series.

Remodelers | Adelphos Room

Sanctuary Building, downstairs | David Hazelton

On January 22, the Remodelers Sunday School class will begin a study of the Books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy).  Our plan is to do an overview of these five books, followed by study of the lives of Abraham and Moses (two key people from these books) and several key events (including God’s calling and covenant with Abraham, the Passover, and Israel’s wandering in the desert).  Throughout our study, we’ll explore what these books teach us about Christ and our lives as His followers today.

Salt & Light | Themelios Room

Sanctuary Building, downstairs | Michael Speckhard

Please join us in our study of Jeremiah.

» Youth Classes

Age 3 through 4th Grade | Education Building

all classes on ground floor except 1st and 2nd Grade.

Show Me Jesus curriculum, published by Great Commission, will be used for the age 3 and age 4 classes. Gospel Project is used for age 5 through 4th grade. Age 5 through 4th grade begins the Sunday School hour in Room 102 for Morning Assembly.

Age 3:  Room 109, Chris Connell/Amy Kerr
Age 4:  Room 101, Erin Ingram/Genia Kenschaft
Age 5:  Room 107, Theresa Connell
1st Grade:  Room 108, Julia & Bob Beach/Julie Feurtado
2nd Grade:  Room 208, Daniel Schuttinga/Trish Arnold
3rd Grade:   Room 206, Jessica Kassa/Elena Anderson
4th Grade:  Room 203, Ursula Schuttinga/Ross Anderson

5th Grade | Lower Building

ground floor Room 150 | Marjie Norris, Sara Watson

The class will study the Gospel of John inductively using the Discover for Yourself (D4Y) curriculum. Through games, reading and writing activities, kids interact with Scripture and learn about the Lord.

6th Grade | Lower Building

GROUND FLOOR Room 152 | John & Julianna Mays

After we finish our study of the book of Esther, we will do a study in 2 Timothy.

Jr. & Sr. High | Youth Room

Youth Room, upstairs | Tim & April Cho & Nake Kerr

More information available on the Cornerstone youth page: