Cornerstone Community Groups

What ever happened to Small Groups and Bible Studies?

Over the past year Cornerstone has witnessed a change in how our small groups and bible studies operate. While there is still a focus on God’s Word, there is increased emphasis on caring for one another, enjoying time together and praying for needs in the group and in the church. A community group is not just another event on our schedules. The group grows into a “family” of people sharing our lives and helping each other to live out the gospel.”

Right now there are about 120 adults and 42 children actively involved in nine different groups. Over the next three months, we expect two new groups to pop up.

What do community groups do?

  • Share a meal or dessert
  • Study the Bible or review the sermon
  • Share personal stories and news
  • Pray with and for one another
  • Collaborate as a group in blessing others
  • Do life together

How can you get involved?

  • Call (703) 256-6220
  • Email:
  • Talk to Steve McIlvaine, Deacon for Discipleship.

Recently, groups have been seen

  • on a prayer retreat
  • substituting a time of prayer and worship for their normal study time once a month
  • assisting with planning the church retreat
  • Skyping with a church missionary “adopted” by the group
  • celebrating a member’s birthday
  • grabbing lunch together after church on Sunday and inviting church newcomers to join in
  • sharing life’s struggles and praying for each other

Where are Cornerstone Community Groups?