Sudanese African Fellowship

Cornerstone’s Sudanese African Fellowship holds a preaching and worship time on the last Sunday of every month from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.


At the turn of the Century, Rev. Samuel Juma showed up at the then National Evangelical Free Church for worship since he belonged to the Evangelical Free Church of Sudan. The Church gladly welcomed him and his family. Shortly after Samuel and Esther joined the Church, many South Sudanese followed suit. With the influx of refugees from South Sudan, Cornerstone began to minister to the South Sudanese community in the area, providing housing, transportation, and other support. The church also began hosting the African Sudanese Fellowship service, held in the afternoon on the last Sunday of every month. Services are conducted in English but worship is conducted in Arabic, Swahili and English. Cornerstone also hosts other service for the Sudanese community, including services on Easter and Christmas and funeral and memorial services.

The Gospel is the driving force for all our endeavors in this ministry. As Outreach Coordinator, Kwathi Ajawin has been instrumental in connecting the Southern Sudanese community with our ministry. Cornerstone has periodically hosted revival meetings, conferences, and leadership training events.

This ministry to the South Sudanese community has also led to the establishment of an orphanage in South Sudan, called the Cornerstone Children’s Home, which cares for and ministers to over 80 children in Nimule, South Sudan. Our church continues to engage in leadership and discipleship training among South Sudanese, trusting for fruitful ministry. Rev. Samuel Juma, our Chairman, together with Kwathi and Francis continue to serve together under the direction of Pastor Kynes to provide ministry to the South Sudanese community. To God be the glory!