Sunday Class Schedule

Zoom Adult SS Classes (links available at


For Foundations Class (Devin Cate) – Foundational Elements of the

Christian Life.  Meets in-person in the Charis Room, sanctuary building.

For Adelphos Class (Dave Hazelton) Peter’s Life and Letters.  Meets in Adelphos Room.

For Overcomers’ Class (Dan Sullivan) Psalms. Hybrid class meets in

the fellowship hall and via Zoom.

For Lighthouse Class (John E. Connell) – Esther – Hybrid class meets in the

fellowship hall and via Zoom.

For Barnabas Class (Brad Binder) Colossians.  Meeting via Zoom.

Children’s Classes:

Age 3 through 4th GradeEducation Building.  Show Me Jesus curriculum, published by Great Commission Publications, will be used for the preschool class.  Truth 78 is used for kindergarten through 4th grade. Kindergarten – 4th grade begin the Sunday School hour in Room 102 for Morning Assembly.

Preschool, Age 3 & 4:  Jessica Kassa and Chris Connell

Kindergarten: Julie Feurtado and Mahnaz Kyanvash

1st Grade:  Elena Anderson, Patrick & Emily Gregory

2nd and 3rd Grade: Daniel and Ursula Schuttinga

4th Grade: Emilie Gunn, Rocky and Lori Klemm

5th Grade – 6th Grade: Youth Building, Lower Level

5th Grade:  Room 150, Marjie Norris.

6th Grade:  Room 152, Sara Watson.  We will study the Gospel of John inductively using Discover for Yourself (D4Y) curriculum.

Youth Classes:

Jr. & Sr. High, Grades 7-12:  Youth Building, Upper Level.  Pastor Tim Cho.