Devastation and Devotion

Part I of Ruth – The stories of the Bible allow us to learn about God and His ways by observing how He works in the world. The story found in the book of Ruth has much to teach us about how God redeems us.  Our opening chapter focuses on two aspects of that theme.

I.  Naomi’s Devastation and an Apparent Dead End

II.  Ruth’s Devotion and a Pointer to a Glorious Hope

Will There Ever Be Such a Place?

Part 15 of Ezekiel – After engaging in some “theological architecture” in the design and function of the temple, Ezekiel moves to some “theological geography”—offering a vision a new people inheriting a land and a city, enlivened by a miraculous river of life. This is now our hope, a hope that has begun to be fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

The War to End All Wars

Part 13 of Ezekiel – On this Memorial Day we honor those who have sacrificed their lives in battle, and we sadly recognize that there will be more who will do so. But will there ever be an end to war and bloodshed? The Bible says Yes—for the Lord promises to bring all evil to judgment before he ushers in his final kingdom of glory. Here the prophet Ezekiel speaks of that day in terms of the defeat of Og from the land of Magog. In this description of “the war to end all wars” we see four central truths revealed that in the end will give us hope.

Can These Bones Live?

Part 12 of Ezekiel – It was a horrible scene—dry bones scattered everywhere in a valley of death and utter defeat. But with God there is hope. Our passage is full of promise as it speaks of the power of God through his Spirit to bring the dead to life.