Easter Means the Death of Death

The message of Easter is good news. It is, in fact, the best possible news, for it overcomes the worst news we can ever face: the news of death. God has graciously acted in Jesus Christ to rescue us from the consequences of our moral rebellion against him, and so through Christ we can be set free from the fear of death. Instead, we can begin to experience even now the reality of resurrection life.

The Message of Easter: Justice, Judgment and Mercy

We live in a culture suspicious of institutions and especially of authority, yet we still make value judgments and expect justice. On this Easter morning we consider how the resurrection of Jesus addresses our cultural concerns exactly. It shows us that there is justice in God’s world, which means there must be a day of judgment. But it also points us to God’s mercy for all those who put their trust in this One who is raised.

Does the Story Have a Happy Ending?

While we delight in fairy tale endings, we also scoff at them as childishly unrealistic. The real world is dark and despairing, we say. But is it really? Does the story have a happy ending? On this Easter morning we consider Jesus’ resurrection as a “eucatastrophe”—an event that changes everything for the good, revealing the deeper Reality of God’s design for this world and for our lives.