The Preciousness of the Church in God’s Sight (and “The Privilege of Serving as a Pastor”)

ArtworkMay 1, 2022 | Bill Kynes
Series: The Church is ____________
Bible Passage: 1 Timothy 3:14-16

The church once held a prominent position in the makeup of American society, but it no longer receives much respect. It is only as we see the church as God sees it that we can appreciate its true value. In our passage, the Apostle Paul sets forth a vision of the church that ought to inspire us with its preciousness in God’s sight.

The Risen Jesus Addresses a Doubting Disciple

ArtworkApril 24, 2022 | Bill Kynes
Series: Following Jesus to the Cross
Bible Passage: John 20:24-31

Thomas seems to be the patron saint of our skeptical age. He had to see the risen Jesus with his own eyes before he would believe. But when he does see Jesus, he makes a powerful confession.

Where does that leave us? Jesus calls blessed those who believe without seeing, for by believing in Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God, we can have eternal life.

Jesus Is Risen: He Brings “Easter Peace”

ArtworkApril 17, 2022 | Bill Kynes
Series: Following Jesus to the Cross - Part 4
Bible Passage: John 20:1-23

Part 4 of Following Jesus to the Cross – In his Easter account, John makes a point of referring to Jesus’ greeting to his troubled disciples: “Peace be with you.” This is more than a mere greeting; it is a declaration of a new reality—a reality that flows from Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. This morning we want to see and to embrace this “Easter Peace.”