The Gospel Embodied

Part 28 of the Gospel of God: Paul’s Letter to the Romans – Paul, who has talked about the duty of love in the life of the church, now demonstrates that love in sending greetings to those he knew in the church in Rome. And in this faceless list of names we gain an image of the face of the body of Christ.

A Missionary’s Ministry

Part 27 of the Gospel of God: Studies in Paul’s Letter to the Romans – After concluding his exposition of the gospel and its implications, Paul returns to his immediate concerns in writing this letter to the Christians in Rome. Here we gain insight into the ministry of a missionary, as Paul looks back, looks forward, and looks up–

Right Thinking about Church Life

Part 22 of the Gospel of God: Paul’s Letter to the Romans – Paul urges us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (12:2), and in our passage this morning he urges us to engage in right thinking.

Building Up the Body of Christ

Part 10 of A New Community: The Church Living Out God’s Gospel – After asserting in no uncertain terms our corporate unity as a church (vv. 4-6), Paul now declares our diversity–a diversity created by Christ himself as he gives various gifts to his church. This diversity, in turn, is to serve the purpose of unity, as each member does its part to build up the whole. And in the end, the whole process is centered on Christ himself–for he governs the process, he is the source of its power, he provides the means of its success and he is its ultimate goal.

A New Community

Part 6 of A New Community: The Church Living Out God’s Gospel – In a world of division, the gospel creates a new community–a community in Christ, whose atoning death and glorious resurrection brings us into a new relationship with God and each other. Our passage this morning gives us three images of that new community that point us to three aspects of our life together.

I. We are now Fellow Citizens in God’s Kingdom.

Together we come under God’s rule and protection.

II. We are now Brothers and Sisters in God’s Family.

Together we experience God’s loving care.

III. We are now Stones joined together in God’s Temple.

Together we bear witness to God’s presence in the world.

How do we as Cornerstone Church
experience and live out the community
that the gospel creates?