The Religion of Sons: Prayer

Part 9 of Studies in the Sermon on the Mount – True religion is the response of the heart as one lives in a loving relationship with God as one’s Father in heaven. So, Jesus says, when you pray . . .

I. Pray to the right person (vv. 5,6,9)
II. Pray with right understanding (vv. 7,8)
III. Pray for the right things (vv. 9-15)
A. For God’s glory

B. For your good

Seeking Your Father’s Reward

Part 8 in Studies in the Sermon on the Mount – In addressing his disciples about this new kingdom he has come to bring, Jesus moves from the subject of true righteousness (5:20-48) to the subject of true religion (6:1-18). In contrast to the hypocrites who seek the praise of people, Jesus calls his followers to seek the praise of their Father in heaven.

The Necessity of Truth

Part 6 of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, A Charter of Kingdom Living – Do words really mean anything anymore? Jesus says they must, for the Old Testament law of oaths points to a greater righteousness – one fulfilled in himself. God is truth and in Jesus that truth is now embodied in one who is the truth. As his followers we are called to a new standard of truthfulness.

Final Instructions

Part 8 of Titus – Paul concludes his letter to Titus emphasizing his two main themes—keep the gospel in the forefront of the church’s concerns and let the gospel bear its good fruit in the church’s life. We would do well to heed this admonition ourselves!

Truth, Goodness & Beauty

Part 4 of Titus – In contrast to the false teachers, Titus is to teach what is “in accord with sound doctrine”—the healthy doctrine of the apostolic gospel. This truth ought to lead to good lives which show forth a moral beauty—making the teaching of the gospel attractive. Truth leads to goodness which leads to beauty—and God is glorified!

The War to End All Wars

Part 13 of Ezekiel – On this Memorial Day we honor those who have sacrificed their lives in battle, and we sadly recognize that there will be more who will do so. But will there ever be an end to war and bloodshed? The Bible says Yes—for the Lord promises to bring all evil to judgment before he ushers in his final kingdom of glory. Here the prophet Ezekiel speaks of that day in terms of the defeat of Og from the land of Magog. In this description of “the war to end all wars” we see four central truths revealed that in the end will give us hope.