Living as God’s Redeemed People

Part 1 of The Revelation of the Glory of God – The prophet Isaiah had seen the Lord, high and exalted, as the Holy One of Israel, and he was never the same. He was overwhelmed by his own sinfulness, yet was forgiven by God’s grace. That is the experience that Israel, and we, must share if we are to be the people who bring glory to God.

Becoming a Christian…from God’s Perspective

Part 4 – We are often encouraged by hearing people tell how they became a Christian. They tell the story from their perspective. But what would that story look like from God’s perspective? That’s what Paul tells us in our passage this morning, a passage in which he extols once again the grandeur of the gospel.

An Adulterous Wife Redeemed

Part 7 of Ezekiel – The way the people of Israel in Ezekiel’s day perceived themselves was very different from the way the Lord did. In our passage, the prophet uses shocking imagery to confront them with this fact and in the process calls them, and us, to remember where we’ve come from as we seek God’s mercy.