Becoming a Christian…from God’s Perspective

Part 4 – We are often encouraged by hearing people tell how they became a Christian. They tell the story from their perspective. But what would that story look like from God’s perspective? That’s what Paul tells us in our passage this morning, a passage in which he extols once again the grandeur of the gospel.

The Kinsman Redeemer and a Glorious Future

Part 4 of Ruth – The Book of Ruth is a story of redemption and so is a book that gives us hope. It tells of one who redeems–literally “buying back,” the resources of another, and thereby rescuing that life from devastation. This morning that process comes to a dramatic climax, and we will explore its significance by considering the three main figures of this last chapter of the book.

Blind Luck or Divine Blessing?

Part 2 of Ruth – With the explosion of the lottery business in our land, the notion of luck receives a lot of attention. But what is luck? How are believers to view seemingly chance occurrences that bring good fortune? Is there really a moral order to our cosmos? These are questions raised by our story, as we continue our look at this short book.

Devastation and Devotion

Part I of Ruth – The stories of the Bible allow us to learn about God and His ways by observing how He works in the world. The story found in the book of Ruth has much to teach us about how God redeems us.  Our opening chapter focuses on two aspects of that theme.

I.  Naomi’s Devastation and an Apparent Dead End

II.  Ruth’s Devotion and a Pointer to a Glorious Hope