A Humble Prayer and a Glorious Reply

Part 9 of Living as Exiles: Considering the Book of Daniel – Much of our growth in discipleship is a result of imitation–we learn by seeing and copying. That is especially true in the area of prayer. In one of the longest prayers recorded in all of Scripture, Daniel that wise man of God, has much to teach us as we hear him praying–for we see a man whose prayer is centered on God and is answered in ways that exceed his expectations.

Message Against the Nations

Part 9 of Ezekiel – Set between the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem (24:1-2) and the announcement that the city has fallen (33:21), Ezekiel gives a series of prophecies against the nations surrounding Israel. Here the Lord affirms his concern for his people, and even more, a concern for his own name.

False Prophets Condemned

Part 6 of Ezekiel – Who speaks for God? That’s a question that we must all answer, and one which directly confronted the people of Israel in the time of the prophet Ezekiel. He was given words of judgment against those who denied his God-given message—and in our passage we see some of the characteristics of those charlatans who falsely claim to speak for God.

A Prophetic Commission

Part 3 of Ezekiel – The most amazing thing about this awesome God Ezekiel sees in Chap. 1 is that he speaks! This morning we consider the implications of that for Israel, for Ezekiel, and for us.