A Missionary’s Ministry

Part 27 of the Gospel of God: Studies in Paul’s Letter to the Romans – After concluding his exposition of the gospel and its implications, Paul returns to his immediate concerns in writing this letter to the Christians in Rome. Here we gain insight into the ministry of a missionary, as Paul looks back, looks forward, and looks up–

A Prayer in Accordance with the Gospel

Part 8 of A New Community: The Church Living Out God’s Gospel – In the first three chapters of his letter to the Ephesians Paul has expounded the riches of the gospel. Before he moves to its areas of practical application, the Apostle pauses to pray that its powerful truth may be experienced by his readers.

A Humble Prayer and a Glorious Reply

Part 9 of Living as Exiles: Considering the Book of Daniel – Much of our growth in discipleship is a result of imitation–we learn by seeing and copying. That is especially true in the area of prayer. In one of the longest prayers recorded in all of Scripture, Daniel that wise man of God, has much to teach us as we hear him praying–for we see a man whose prayer is centered on God and is answered in ways that exceed his expectations.

The Religion of Sons: Prayer

Part 9 of Studies in the Sermon on the Mount – True religion is the response of the heart as one lives in a loving relationship with God as one’s Father in heaven. So, Jesus says, when you pray . . .

I. Pray to the right person (vv. 5,6,9)
II. Pray with right understanding (vv. 7,8)
III. Pray for the right things (vv. 9-15)
A. For God’s glory

B. For your good