The Message of Easter: Justice, Judgment and Mercy

We live in a culture suspicious of institutions and especially of authority, yet we still make value judgments and expect justice. On this Easter morning we consider how the resurrection of Jesus addresses our cultural concerns exactly. It shows us that there is justice in God’s world, which means there must be a day of judgment. But it also points us to God’s mercy for all those who put their trust in this One who is raised.

A Fatal Feast

Part 5 of Living as Exiles: Considering the Book of Daniel – Our God is a God of mercy, but he is also a righteous Judge. Our passage this morning reminds us that we dare not presume upon his forgiveness, or we may be liable to face his wrath. May we turn to him in faith while we still have the opportunity, for there will come a day when it will be too late.

Which Judgment?

Part 1 of Matthew 7: The Choices of Life – This morning we consider America’s favorite Bible verse: “Do not judge or you too will be judged.” Does it lead to moral relativism or does Jesus have something else in mind here? We’ll consider what this means and what it doesn’t mean, as we seek to be faithful to our Master in all things, living in his grace and truth.

The War to End All Wars

Part 13 of Ezekiel – On this Memorial Day we honor those who have sacrificed their lives in battle, and we sadly recognize that there will be more who will do so. But will there ever be an end to war and bloodshed? The Bible says Yes—for the Lord promises to bring all evil to judgment before he ushers in his final kingdom of glory. Here the prophet Ezekiel speaks of that day in terms of the defeat of Og from the land of Magog. In this description of “the war to end all wars” we see four central truths revealed that in the end will give us hope.

False Prophets Condemned

Part 6 of Ezekiel – Who speaks for God? That’s a question that we must all answer, and one which directly confronted the people of Israel in the time of the prophet Ezekiel. He was given words of judgment against those who denied his God-given message—and in our passage we see some of the characteristics of those charlatans who falsely claim to speak for God.

When God’s Glory Departs

Part 5 of Ezekiel – God’s presence—it’s something we all want, and something we all dread losing. Our passage this morning declares that we dare not take it for granted, for the Lord can withdraw his presence from us. He will not tolerate rivals; he detests all idols. He is a jealous God who executes a righteous judgment against all evil.

Propetic Charades An Enacted Message of Doom

Part 4 of Ezekiel – The great and awesome God who appeared to Ezekiel in his “chariot-throne” vision of chap. 1 revealed himself in chaps. 2-3 as a personal God who speaks. Now we see that this God who speaks means what he says. Ezekiel will communicate a message of doom to this people who have broken God’s covenant. They will get what they deserve and what God promised. But the Lord’s faithfulness to his word in judgment offers us hope that he will also be faithful to his word of mercy.