Keep Yourselves in God’s Love

ArtworkMay 14, 2017 | Bill Kynes
Series: The Message of Jude - Part 3
Bible Passage: Jude 20-25
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Part 3 of  Hold Fast – The Message of Jude – The Christian life is a journey, and there may be many trials and hazards along the way. Jude knows full well that some may not make it safely to the end, so he feels compelled to write to his dear friends, urging them to “contend for the faith” — that is, to keep themselves in God’s love.  Our passage this morning spells this out more fully in three steps.  1) Take care of yourselves (vv. 20, 21); 2) Take care of others (vv. 22, 23); and 3) Trust that God will see you through to the end (vv. 24, 25).