Jesus, Prince of Demons

ArtworkNovember 24, 2019 | Tim Cho
Series: Misperceptions of Jesus - Part 2
Bible Passage: Matthew 12:22-37
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Part 2 of Misperceptions of Jesus: Studies in Matthew 12-15 –

Big Idea: The kingdom of God has come in Christ to defeat evil.

  1. The kingdom of God has come in Christ (vv. 22-29)

The two Kingdoms:

Kingdom of God vs. Kingdom of Satan

  1. The kingdom of God demands allegiance (vv. 30-32)

The two sides:

  • For Christ vs. Against Christ
  • The unforgivable sin committed by the Pharisees
  • The Act: Attributing Jesus’ work to that of Satan
  • The Commitment: Unwavering commitment to deny Jesus as the Messiah in spite of overwhelming evidence
  • The Result: Eternal punishment
  1. The kingdom of God requires good citizens (vv. 33-37)

The two natures:

Good vs. Evil

  • Words reveal true character