Fulaa Lifeline International (East Africa)

Fulaa Lifeline International is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization ministering to persecuted Christians, displaced persons and refugees of East Africa particularly Sudan), and refugees in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Fulaa seeks to meet both immediate, material needs and deeper, spiritual and emotional needs.

Fulaa’s newest and fastest area of growth has been its ministry activity in Africa. Fulaa has used contributions from churches, donor organizations, and individuals to provide direct ministry where the immediate need is greatest in Sudan and in the refugee camps of Sudan’s neighbors to the south, Kenya and Uganda. Fulaa establishes health services, provides medical supplies, sponsors small, self-sustaining farm projects, builds church facilities, awards scholarships for high-school education, and engages in productive relationships with NGO and government bodies.

Fulaa also ministers to African refugees in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Many efforts continue to assist these refugees with food, clothes, medical supplies, education, encouragement, and counseling.